Social responsibility

In this field of action, everything revolves around people. Starting with the observance of human rights, the health and diversity of our employees and dealing with demographic changes.
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Healthy employees

Healthy and fit employees are more resilient and more satisfied. That is why we promote exercise and health as part of our occupational health management. For example, we regularly take part in major sporting events, offer moving breaks, provide the opportunity for flu vaccinations at the workplace and support other preventive measures to maintain health. Thanks to our offer to lease company bicycles, more and more employees switch to bicycles every year. They are not only doing something for their fitness, but also for our climate.

Become part of our team

We are always on the lookout for competent, enthusiastic, skilled individuals to join our growing team. We are committed to delivering the highest possible production quality and excellent customer service as well as innovative solutions. Do you have what it takes? We can’t wait to hear from you.
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Human rights

Creating a culture of integrity

Our codes of conduct are based on the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In particular, they aim to prevent discrimination, harassment or bullying by superiors or customers. They also focus on eliminating child and forced labour and ensuring freedom of expression and equal opportunities for all people.

Culture of diversity

Equal jobs worldwide

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Career paths
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Leadership, specialisation and project management

Qualified vocational training

In the Feddersen Group, we attach great importance to giving young people the opportunity to train and thus develop them into the specialists and managers of tomorrow. That is why we train around 20 apprentices every year at our German sites in up to 19 different commercial, industrial and technical trades. Successful completion ensures that our junior staff are offered permanent employment.
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Continuing education as a success factor

Lifelong learning and continuous, qualified further training help to ensure that we will still have our finger on the pulse tomorrow, so that we can help shape the technology and products of the future. That's why we offer our employees tailor-made solutions for further training and development of their personal strengths. No matter whether it is a training contract for part-time studies, seminars for the development of junior staff or courses to deepen specialist knowledge and methods - we support our employees.