Changing the structure of companies in the Nordic countries

As of 1 May 2023, the Feddersen Group will reorganise its business activities in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Previously bundled in K.D. Feddersen Norden AB, they will now be transferred to legally independent structures in line with the business areas of the group of companies.

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Torbjörn Egerhag und Dan Hagström Feddersen Group

From left to right: Torbjörn Egerhag and Dan Hagström are looking forward to their new roles within the Feddersen Group.

The former Forvema AB becomes K.D. Feddersen Distribution AB. The distribution business with engineering plastics for third-party brands will be combined in this business unit. Managing Director of this new company will be Dan Hagström, previously Marketing & Sales Manager of K.D. Feddersen Norden AB.

The machinery trade and services business area as well as the compound business of the group-owned AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH will in future be covered by K.D. Feddersen Plastics Machinery AB.


The previous managing director of K.D. Feddersen Norden AB, Torbjörn Egerhag, becomes managing director.

The Norwegian sister company Protec Scandinavia A/S, whose Managing Director is Per Skjevik, will be renamed K.D. Feddersen Plastics Machinery A/S. At the same time, the business of the Swedish sister company, Protec Scandinavia Sweden AB, is incorporated into K.D. Feddersen Plastics Machinery AB. A Finnish company for machinery trading is being established.

"The aim of this restructuring is to maintain a uniform appearance of the Feddersen Group under the brand K.D. Feddersen Distribution throughout Europe in order to increase synergies with the corresponding sister companies and to offer our customers an even better service," says Volker Scheel, Managing Director of the parent company K.D. Feddersen Holding GmbH.

The sale of machinery and services is a special feature in the Nordic countries within the Feddersen Group and now stands on its own two feet.

"This gives us three companies in Scandinavia with local management and service, as well as a very broad product portfolio of machinery and equipment for plastics production and recycling," says Torbjörn Egerhag.

Torbjörn EgerhagManaging director of K.D. Feddersen Plastics Machinery AB

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