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K.D. Feddersen Foundation

Social Responsibility

portrait of Karl Detlef Feddersen

Why it was started


Our company founder Karl Detlef Feddersen always had the welfare of his staff in mind and managed the company with good commercial skills. In 1958, he established the K.D. Feddersen Foundation out of a desire to give something back to society as well. Since 1985, it has been the sole shareholder of K.D. Feddersen Holding GmbH, the owner of the Feddersen Group.

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About the K.D. Feddersen Foundation

Retirement home in Hamburg

The cornerstone of today's retirement home in Hamburg was laid in 1982. Today the facility comprises eight interconnected buildings and offers a home to more than 250 residents. Here they live independently in a safe and welcoming environment. A trained staff takes care of their daily needs.